We’ve created a Namaste Island Scavenger Hunt for guests staying on the island. Take photos of the following items and post 5 of your favorites to Instagram please tag us with @namasteislandtc.  We provided the questions and answers below.  Try not to peek at the answers!


  1. Where is the smallest house on the island?
  2. What type of door allows you to poo with a view?
  3. ‘Hoo’ guards the West deck?
  4. What is the featured presentation at Sunset Point?
  5. How can you contribute to the Kid’s Teepee?
  6. Find a critter live on or around the island?
  7. What tree makes its own paper?
  8. What type of tree is a cousin to the pine tree?
  9. Who is happy and lives above the fireplace?
  10. What is made of driftwood and whirls in the wind?
  11. What is left behind after a beaver does their job?
  12. What is an ooey gooey campfire treat?
  13. Which sign helps you find your direction (kind of)?
  14. What is left behind after a woodpecker does their job?
  15. Where is there evidence of dragon fire?
  16. What type of mushroom is famous in Northern Michigan?
  17. What burns hot and gathers friends and family?


  1. Gnome house
  2. Dutch door
  3. Guardian Owl
  4. Sunset at sunset point
  5. Find a long stick and add it to the Kid’s Teepee at sunset point
  6. Any animal, bird, or fish
  7. Birchbark
  8. Cedar tree
  9. The Budda
  10. Wind Whirlygig at Sunset Point
  11. Chewed Beaver wood
  12. S’more
  13. This way/take way sign on the trail
  14. Woodpecker hole
  15. Burnt stump in the forest
  16. Morel Mushroom sculptures
  17. Campfire