Every spring we groom the trail, clear it of fallen trees, leaves and other woodland debris.  We want people to be able to comfortably stroll, run and play throughout the full length of the island.  It is always nice to hike towards something special, so we created Sunset Point to give our guests an enticing destination at the end of the island.   Sunset Point is perfectly situated to soak up our spectacular Northern Michigan sunsets.

In 2016 we created whimsical woodland hanging art, hand painted trail signs and added a picnic table.  Over the course of the summer kids started building a teepee fort out of large sticks and branches from the island, which we think is fabulous.  This spring we added a teak rocking chair for two and selectively cleared the low hanging branches to improve the sunset views.  Sunset Point is not only a great spot to watch the sunset, but it is perfect for a picnic, quite contemplation or an afternoon of splashing in the water.