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Island Fun

Views from Namaste Island

Creative Writing Challenge

The owner of Namaste Island has some great stories about the island.  Some stories are true, some are goofy, all are entertaining.  We heard about some guests making up ghost stories around the campfire.  We thought it would be fun to start a new category on our blog called ‘Campfire Stories’.  While on the island […]

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Classic Board Games

You too can Unplug The island is a wonderful place to unplug, but how will you fill your time? The first step is to set your phone down, let your tablet battery die, avoid the TV, and finally turn off your notifications so you can ignore your inbox completely.  The second step is to find […]

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Corn Hole

The boards and bags are stored inside the bathroom closet.   We store both boards and bags inside to keep them out of the weather and away from the chipmunks, so the game stays in good shape.  We take an extra precaution of hanging the corn hole bags up on a hanger, to keep them away from any creative chipmunks in case they get in the cabin again and find our stash.

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Namaste Island Scavenger Hunt

We’ve created a Namaste Island Scavenger Hunt for guests staying on the island. Take photos of the following items and post 5 of your favorites to Instagram please tag us with @namasteislandtc.  We provided the questions and answers below.  Try not to peek at the answers! Questions: Where is the smallest house on the island? […]

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